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The leading company in innovation and disruption in new high economic impact markets with maximum profits for our brand partners. Our brand’s strength is based on 3 great industries: health, technology and financial markets, providing knowledge, wellness, wealth and freedom.

Our commitment is to

Improve the lifestyle of thousands of people around the world through innovative solutions to promote health, wellness and advanced technology into profitable and sustainable financial products that build future capital.

We aim to

Become the #1 company in Latin America and the world to unify 3 very important global trends through health and wellness products and Blockchain technology.



Innovation is one of the main key points to be one step ahead. Therefore, an integral wellness is important as well as to take care of every aspect of the lives of our brand partners.

At Xifra Group, we merge together extremely strong industries that are at their highest boom, such as medical cannabis plantation, trading in different financial markets, and health and wellness products with maximum absorption technology.

Financial Markets

At XIFRA we diversify investments in different markets in order to get the most out of them while at the same time taking care of the operations through risk analysis.


We work with brokers of the highest credibility and security in the world 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. This market currently moves around 5.3 trillion dollars daily and is the largest financial market there is.

Binary options

Binary options are an investment system in which you bet on the rise or fall in the price of underlying assets such as pairs of foreign currencies, major stock indexes, all kinds of commodities and securities of markets in the United States, Asia and Europe.


A future is a contract or agreement that obliges the contracting parties to buy or sell a certain amount of assets or securities on a specified future date and at a price set in advance. The advantage of futures is that you can profit whether the price increases or if the price decreases.

Crypto Trading

Trading consists of negotiating or speculating with different techniques on cryptocurrency values that exist in the market. Currently, in this industry there are over 251 billion dollars invested, which we considered for our operations.

The Cannabis

The size of the legal global market for cannabis was estimated at USD 13.8 billion in 2018 and is projected to increase by 23.9% for 2025. The reason why this industry is in evident growth is the medical benefits found in its consumption.

The flagship product derived from Cannabis is CBD (Cannabinoid); it is the most promising non-psychotropic compound in recent years because of its diverse medical and therapeutic potential, among which it has antioxidant effects, antipsychotics,anxiolytic and anti-tumor.

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Xifra plantaciones

Our cannabis plantation is in California and Colorado.


- XIFRA is legally registered.

It offers brand partners the opportunity to GROW.

We merge 3 Industries never before combined for global expansion.

Financial advisors to acquire value reserves.

24/7 customer support for people from all over the world.

Our system’s security is essential in maintaining the integrity of the company and members safeguarded.

Technology, innovation, wellness and easy to use for everyone.